hey there!

I’m an American-born marketing and communications professional based in Melbourne. I’ve been here since 2008 and my love affair with the city continues.

I’ll have a long black – in two cups, please, thanks. My name? Arion. A-R-I-O-N. Yes, it’s Greek. You know, from mythology. No, I’m not Greek… it’s just my parents, you see…

Originally attracted to Melbourne by a working holiday, the prospect of better weather, better pay and opposite seasons (Flag Day in Winter!), I’ve made my home in Australia because it’s a great place to live, with vibrant cities, beautiful beaches and nice locals.

So what do you do?

My work in communications is really simple:

What do you want to say – and how will it be perceived by an audience?

It’s that second bit that is so obvious, but overlooked. If you aren’t understood, what’s the point of communicating in the first place? Inside an organisation, that can get lost and needs an expert to dig it out.

Since 2009, I’ve worked in a variety of governmental communications roles, starting on the ground floor – of Victoria’s Department of Premier and Cabinet in the wake of the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.

I help organisations communicate clearly, succinctly, openly and honestly with their internal and external stakeholders. I work to make sure communications are relevant to the audience and speak to their needs.

Fresh, innovative, fun, worthwhile.

Let’s talk.


marketing and communications professional, based in melbourne